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Hurricane Dave: Home

LIVE ALBUM COMING SOON: My concert at Surreal Studios is being mixed and mastered for release as a live album in the next few weeks! It's not on the album because I wrote it after the concert, but keep your ears open for my new song, "Don't Touch My PFD."

VIDEO SAMPLER: Want to know what to expect at a Hurricane Dave solo show? Click here.

AUDIO CLIPS: Click here to hear.

TRIO/BAND PROJECT: The Nuther Brothers and I occasionally get together and perform as a trio. Sometimes we bring along a drummer or cajonist, too. We're known as Crabshoot. Click here for a little Crabshoot audio sampler.

THE NEW SONNY & CHER?  Well, maybe not, but the Point MacKenzie Music Festival gave me an opportunity to do a duet with an Alaska legend. Check out the video of LuLu Small and me singing "Love Is Strange." Click here, and crank up the volume!

GET ME OUT OF THE HOUSE -- AND INTO YOURS: Yes, I do house concerts. If you're interested in putting one on, get in touch with me and we'll set it up. I prefer to stay in Alaska, but I'm open to Outside travel under the right circumstances. How To Book Dave.

I LOVE TOURISTS: Hey, that's how I wound up being an Alaskan Cheechako -- it all started with an Inside Passage cruise and a self-guided road trip in 2004, back when I was a fading Floridian. Visitors to the Last Frontier occupy a special place in my heart. If you're planning a trip to Alaska, let me entertain your group while you're here. How To Book Dave.

THE CHEECHAKO CHRONICLES: My current CD is all original music -- songs about living in Alaska, written from the cockeyed viewpoint of a relative newcomer. It's the perfect souvenir for visitors to Alaska and an appropriate complement to any Alaska resident's music collection. Songs include "A Grizzly Stole My Salmon But She Let Me Keep My Arm," "Made in China" (a song about souvenir shopping), "The Night The Aurora Borrowed Alice," "Cravin' Carbs" and, of course, "Please Don't Ask Me About Her." It's the ideal gift for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. Click here to hear samples of each song.

The CD can be purchased in Anchorage at the Anchorage Museum Shop and Once In A Blue Moose; in Seward at Resurrect Art Coffee House & Gallery; in Fairbanks at College Coffeehouse;  in Copper Center at the George I. Ashby Memorial Museum; in Kenai/Soldotna at Diamond M Ranch Resort; along the Richardson Highway between Paxson and Delta at The Lodge at Black Rapids; in Chicken at the Chicken Gold Camp Gift Shop; in Talkeetna at several gift shops; at any of my personal appearances or online at, iTunes, etc. For details, click here.

As long as you're in the cyber-neighborhood, I hope you'll take a few minutes to listen to some clips from my previous album, "Bar Stools & Church Pews: Songs For Friday Night & Sunday Morning," by clicking here. That CD also can be ordered or downloaded at, iTunes and most other major Internet music sites.

The MUSIC link also will take you to "Columbus Stockade Blues," a song I recorded several years ago with my good buddy and record producer Josh Noland and the world's greatest harmonica player, Charlie McCoy, who was recently inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Way to go, Charlie! It's about time!

There are also some "unplugged" selections, which will give you an idea of how I sound when it's just me, the guitar and the harmonica playing other people's songs.

Feel free to poke around the rest of the site, and stay as long as you like. Thanks for stopping by!

Hurricane Dave / Anchorage, AK

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2200-2300 Hot Sauce

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1300-1400 Hurricane Dave
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1700-1800 Sourdough Biscuits
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1200-1300 Hurricane Dave
1300-1400 3 For The Road
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