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Hurricane Dave: CDs & Downloads

The Cheechako Chronicles -- Postcards, E-mails & Tweets From Alaska - CD

Humorous and serious songs about Alaska, from the viewpoint of a newcomer or "Cheechako." Subjects include: combat fishing; mushing dogs; bogus souvenirs from China; alien abduction; and a half-term governor that many Alaskans are tired of hearing about.
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Bar Stools & Church Pews: Songs For Friday Night & Sunday Morning

My CD on the Big Blue Dolphin label, a collection of songs about the spiritual sanctuaries of taverns and churches. Reverent irreverence, I call it.
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Please Don't Ask Me About Her (Single) - Single download or CD

The song all of Alaska is talking about, with lyrics such as " 'Going rogue,' she said, and flew off like a bird," "Our love was a bridge to nowhere" and "She left me in the middle of our song."
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