Hurricane Dave - Vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica

He’s a mighty musical wind. But unlike his meteorological namesakes, Hurricane Dave brings gusts of good times and leaves a satisfied audience in his path. Known as “Alaska’s Favorite Cheechako,” the Anchorage-based singer-songwriter writes and performs humorous and serious songs about his experiences in the quirky 49th state.

Hurricane Dave began his career as a bar musician in Washington, D.C., and has spent time in Nashville, Southern California, Las Vegas and South Florida. These days he calls Anchorage, Alaska home, having relocated from Fort Lauderdale in the spring of 2008. Hurricane Dave has three albums that are commercially available: Bar Stools & Church Pews: Songs For Friday Night & Sunday Morning, a mix of drinking songs and country-gospel ("a little something for everybody," he says);  The Cheechako Chronicles: Postcards, E-mails & Tweets From Alaska, all original material about a newcomer living in Alaska, including his Sarah Palin "refudiation," Please Don't Ask Me About Her; and It's Alive - ALIVE, an all-acoustic concert album.

His latest single, Don't Touch My PFD, struck a nerve with Alaskans of all political persuasions in the midst of a statewide debate over the future of the Permanent Fund Dividend (that big check the state's residents get every year).