How to book Hurricane Dave for your event...

Hurricane Dave is primarily a solo acoustic act, but he also performs with a honky-tonk band ("Crabshoot") when the occasion warrants. He is available for public and private events, including house concerts, conventions, birthday and anniversary parties, festivals, fairs, parades, picnics, barbecues, retail openings, receptions, swap meets, banquets, block parties, wine tastings and beer blasts, and is willing to perform at virtually any venue, from concert halls and arenas to coffeehouses, bars, nightclubs, American Legion halls, VFW posts, art galleries, parks, railroad depots, cruise ships, flatbed trucks, fairgrounds, backyards, living rooms, RV parks, campgrounds ... well, you get the picture. Dave is as comfortable playing for 5 people as he is 5,000.

Dave will bring his solo act to anyplace in Alaska or northwestern Canada that has a road leading to it or that can be accessed by air, rail or water. He also will travel to Hawaii and the Lower 48. Taking the full band outside Southcentral Alaska can be problematic, but that too can be arranged.

While Dave loves the great outdoors, during the Alaskan winter he accepts only indoor, climate-controlled bookings. (Ditto for South Florida in June, July and August.) 

Rates vary, depending on the specifics of your event. Dave also offers special rates for true nonprofit groups, churches and charities. And, for an extra fee, he will even write a song for your special event, given adequate lead time.

Please e-mail the details of your event, including preferred dates, times and length of performance; location, anticipated audience size, venue specifics, special accommodations, availability of electricity, and any other pertinent information to, or call/text (907) 677-3621.


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