1. Made In China

From the recording Made In China

A musical guide to souvenir shopping in Alaska.


© 2010 Hurricane Dave (BMI)

A trinket, a T-shirt
Or some other souvenir
A keepsake to remind me
Of the great time I had here

I saw it, I bought it
Paid twice what it was worth
Only to find that it was made
Elsewhere on this earth

Made in China, made in China
That ulu knife just can’t be made in China
I took it home with me to Carolina
Only to find
It was made in China

The clerk said they’re authentic
Made out in the Bush
By a Native in an igloo
And my wife gave me a push

She said, buy ’em, we’ll give ’em
To Cousin Sharon for Christmas
But I later learned a detail
That never was discussed

Made in China, made in China
Those mukluks they just can’t be made in China
The experience was giving me angina
When I found
They were made in China

So take care before the bill is paid
That the label says “Alaska Made”
Or be embarrassed when you get back home
That nugget you bought in the store
Was much less than you bargained for
It turns out that it wasn’t mined in Nome, not at all

It was made in China, made in China
That sticker says that it was made in China
It wasn’t pulled out by a local miner
Sorry, my friend
It was made in China.