Don't Touch My PFD (Single)   

The song that rocks the debate over the future of Alaska's Permanent Fund Dividend, that big check every qualified state resident (including Dave) gets every year, just for living in The Last Frontier. Buy this song at CD Baby


The Cheechako Chronicles: Postcards, E-mails & Tweets From Alaska

Humorous and serious songs about Alaska, from the viewpoint of a newcomer or "Cheechako." Subjects include: combat fishing, mushing dogs, bogus souvenirs from China, alien abduction and a half-term governor that many folks are tired of hearing about. Buy this CD at CD Baby

Bar Stools & Church Pews: Songs For Friday Night & Sunday Morning

A collection of songs about the spiritual sanctuaries of taverns and churches. Reverent irreverence. Buy this CD at CD Baby

Please Don't Ask Me About Her (Single)

Not a political tune but a good ol' country song about a love affair gone bad. Inspired by a former governor who shall not be named, with lyrics such as " 'Going rogue,' she said, and flew off like a bird," "Our love was a bridge to nowhere" and "She left me in the middle of our song." Buy this song at CD Baby